Spontaneity is on the menu at Portland Secret Dining Society

Shhh — keep these dinners on the down low.

Wine being poured into a glass on a table adorned with flowers and string lights in the background

On top of delicious food and drinks, you’re sure to walk away with new friends as well.

Psst... we’ve got a secret for you. Come a little closer. Have you heard of the Portland Secret Dining Society?

Founders Remington Lee and Tara Lynch both draw on extensive culinary experience, paring it down to provide a one-of-a-kind experience where you can expect the unexpected. That’s the name of the game, or should we say the deal of the meal.

When you book a seat at the table for one of the quarterly, seasonal events, you receive the date of the dinner and a few small details so you’re not completely in the dark. That’s it. The menu and other juicy information are kept hush-hush (but you can expect six courses and wine pairings). Don’t tell anyone we told you.

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