Spring break activities for kids

Whether you’re spending quality time with your little ones or dropping them off at camp, they’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

Small children pose with their crafts

Building the future, one robot at a time.

Photo via @craftfactorypdx

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Portland Public Schools’ spring break is March 25-29. Parents, you are definitely aware of this — nervous chuckle — right? But what you might not know is what exactly to do next week.

No one wants to be stuck at home, bored out of their gourd. Whether you’re looking for shared experiences and lasting memories, or somewhere you can drop the kids off to enjoy some much-needed alone time, we’ve got options for everyone from little tikes to teenagers.

The Craft Factory

Glue, glitter, and popsicle sticks are a perfect recipe for some hands-on fun. At Open Studio sessions at The Craft Factory, kids get one craft base plus embellishments for an unlimited amount of time (during business hours). First-time visitors get $2 off, and there are also to-go craft kits to continue the creativity at home. Pro tip: Fridays from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. is Toddler Time.

Northwest Children’s Theater and School

If you’ve got an aspiring thespian on your hands, enrolling them in one of the several spring camps and classes at Northwest Children’s Theater and School might just earn you a standing ovation. With options for ages 4-14 and different skill levels, your child will learn to act, sing, and dance through character building games, rehearsal, improv, and more. Pro tip: You can find the full schedule here.

Several T rex fossil heads are mounted on the wall with harsh museum lighting shining from above.

A trip to OMSI’s T. rex exhibit will put a smile on your kid’s face (not like these razor sharp grins, don’t worry).

Photo via OMSI


Got a dino-obsessed kid? They’ll roar with excitement at the “Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family” exhibit, featuring three life-sized T. rex skeletons, real fossils, and interactive kiosks to learn about the king of the lizards. “Staying Alive: Defenses of the Animal Kingdom” — starring JJ the sloth — is also on until April 21.

Oaks Amusement Park

One of the oldest-continually operating amusement parks in the country offers mini-golf, carnival games, roller skating, and roller coaster rides, all in one location. Opening day is Saturday, March 23 and ride bracelets are $43.95, or $22.95 for kids shorter than 48 inches.

Trackers Earth Portland

At these day camps, kids K-12 will harness their inner Katniss Everdeen (minus the whole Hunger Games, violence thing), learning skills like wilderness survival, archery, wild foods, fishing, boating, climbing, and blacksmithing. Pro tip: Classes are filling up, so be sure to register soon.

A structure built in the figure of a witch's head with mouth open wide

Enter the Witch’s Castle and slide down her hair in Storybook Lane. | Photo via @enchantdforst

Enchanted Forest

You’re driving on I-5 just south of Salem when the kids spot a fairytale theme park and lose their minds. Sound familiar? Well, the park opens tomorrow and spring break is the perfect time to cross Enchanted Forest off the bucket list. Admission starts at $24, and rides cost an additional three to five tickets ($1 each). Young ones will get a kick out of the carousel, but the 40-ft drop on the Big Timber Log Ride might require a bit more courage. Pro tip: A courtesy golf cart is available to kids with mobility issues.

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals

You may have heard this one before, but this place rocks. Hillsboro’s world-class collection of minerals, fossils, meteorites, gemstones and more is a sparkling spot to visit toward the tail end of spring break (the museum is closed Monday-Tuesday). Children up to 5 years old are free, and adult admission is $18.

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