15 sushi superlatives in Portland, Oregon

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We’ve been fishing around and Portland is swimming in sushi. From trendy menus to laidback atmospheres, we’ve rounded up some top spots to score sushi.

Impress the foodies

Kazumi, 7316 N. Lombard St.

To enjoy the delicate rolls here you have to be quick — the food cart run by female sushi chef Kazumi Boyd often has a 30-minute wait and sells out pretty fast. Bonus: The fresh nigiri + creative rolls, all made with sustainable seafood, will have those with even the most particular of palates saying, “Oh, that’s good fish.”

Rollin’ Fresh, 1080 SE Madison St.

Want to roll differently? Head to this Sellwood food cart mainstay and get your sushi wrapped up burrito-style with creations like the “Portlandia” or “City of Roses.”

Keep it casual

Hamono Sushi, 620 SW Ninth Ave.

DYK: Sushi is historically a casual finger food? Hamono Sushi, an out-of-the-way downtown place with just 20 dining spots, is the ideal scene for those that want to sit back and ride the sushi wave. Try their specialty: omakase, which means “I’ll leave it up to you” in Japanese.

Mizu Sushi, 1338 SW Third Ave.

This lovely little hole-in-the-wall place serves generous portions and is perfectly located to take the sushi to a picnic at the waterfront.

Celebrate with sushi

Bamboo Sushi, Multiple locations

Bamboo Sushi is the perfect place to maki the moment special. With a modern and wooden high-class interior, roll-creations like “The Unicorn” + “Garden of Eden,” plus Oregon-produced sake, it has all the ingredients for a perfect night out.

Bluefin Tuna & Sushi, 1337 NE Broadway

If you want to impress your entourage with a feast-for-the-eyes sushi menu, Bluefin Tuna & Sushi is the place to be. Its beautifully decorated sushi plates get your eyes shining and your mouth watering.

An arrangement of sushi dishes on artsy porcelain plates

A feast for the mouth and the eyes | Photo via @jess.pdx

Bang for your buck

Saburo’s, 1667 SE Bybee Blvd.

Who says sushi has to be expensive? Check out Saburo’s big two-piece nigiris that come at a very reasonable priceand will leave you feeling pretty stuffed.

Sensei Sushi Bar & Grill, 710 SW Second Ave.

At this place it is all about the friendly staff combined with good quality at low prices. Keep on rollin’ as we would put it.

Go fish-less

Kaizen Sushi, 40 SW Third Ave.

It sounds like a contradiction, but vegetarian sushi is delicious (technically the word “sushi” just refers to the rice part). Try out Kaizen’s vegetarian rolls Natto or Ume Shisho — fermented soybeans or pickled plum with Japanese mint.

Drink up

Yama Sushi & Sake Bar, 926 NW 10th Ave.

An underrated element of the sushi experience? The booze. Yama Sushi & Sake Bar keeps the drinks flowing with Sake Tinis or sake flights. Every first Thursday you can join their sake tasting night.

Rotating sushi

Sushi Ichiban, 24 NW Broadway

Also known as conveyor belt sushi, this style of service is popular in Japan. Sit at Sushi Ichiban’s bar and let the little sushi train bring the fish to you.

Food cart sushi

Ricky’s Sushi, 8220 NE Davis St.

The little silver + red food cart is tucked into The Yard at Montavilla and is definitely a place worth visiting. With a huge menu, it serves nearly every taste; customers praise its vegan Okra Roll and the calamari options.

Sushi & Friends, 1927 SW Fourth Ave.

The mandala-like sushi arrangements here are almost too beautiful to be eaten on the streets. But satisfy all your senses by ordering one of these skillfully decorated sushi options.

Bonus: branch out

Izakaya Kichinto, 102 NE Russell St.

If you’re looking to get out of your sushi rut and try other kinds of Japanese cuisine, try dining at Izakaya Kichinto. This place serves cutting-edge Japanese pub-food, like handmade ramen noodles, yakimono skewers, and of course, sushi.

Shigezo Izakaya, 910 SW Salmon St.

Ambience is on point at this restaurant, which has paper lanterns and offers the option to eat your food the traditional wayseated on the floor. With just one chef preparing the cuisine, settle in for a relaxing slow dining experience.

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