Thanksgiving safety tips from Portland Fire & Rescue

Home cooking fires peak during the holiday, with more than three times the daily average for such incidents.

An inferno surrounds a fryer as two firefighters demonstrate the explosive effects of incorrectly frying a turkey.

Firefighters demonstrate the potentially explosive consequences of frying a turkey incorrectly.

Photo by Portland Fire & Rescue

If your Thanksgiving plans require you to spend time in the kitchen this week, Portland Fire & Rescue has some safety tips to keep in mind — and to keep everyone out of the emergency room.

Did you know cooking causes 49% of all reported home fires? Always stay in the kitchen while food is cooking, check that your smoke alarms are working, and keep kids entertained in safer rooms.

What you wear while preparing the meal is also crucial, but not only to impress Grandmaavoid loose-fitting garments that can catch on fire if you get too close to the stove.

For those frying a turkey, first off, our invitation to your feast must have gotten lost in the mail — but more importantly, firefighters want you to follow these tips (or watch their video that’s absolutely lit):

  • Find an outdoor spot at least 10 ft away from structures
  • Wear thick, protective clothing
  • Use a thawed and dry turkey
  • Keep a fire extinguisher within arm’s reach
  • Let the oil cool completely before cleaning the deep fryer
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