How much will Portland see of the 2024 solar eclipse?

The Rose City is certainly outside the path of totality, but there could still be some celestial excitement in the PNW.

A partial solar eclipse happening behind cloud cover.

While not as dramatic as a “ring of fire,” partial solar eclipses are still incredible to behold.

Photo by W.carter

Are you feeling a little insulted, nay, outraged, that Portland is being passed over by the 2024 total solar eclipse tour? Yeah, we are too.

Putting this cosmic affront and our FOMO aside for a moment... On Monday, April 8, North America will be the site of a second total solar eclipse in almost seven years (at least we were center stage for 2017) with the next one not occurring until 2045.

Although the PNW is far outside the path of totality, Portland will still experience 22.25% of obscuration, starting at 10:33 a.m., peaking at 11:25 a.m., and ending at 12:19 p.m. Let’s just hope clouds don’t crash our consolation party. Make sure you’re prepared if you do catch a glimpse with these certified-safe solar eclipse glasses.

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