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Where to snap a selfie with Sasquatch in the greater Portland area

While we don’t have any personal sightings of Gigantopithecus canadensis to share with our readers (yet), we’ve rounded up the next best thing.

A person in a sasquatch suit sits on an inflatable bird floaty along the bank of a river on a sunny day with a city skyline in the background.

If you’re lucky, you may spot Bigfoot floating down the Willamette River one day.

Photo by @downtownpdx

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This week while scrolling through local Reddit posts, we stumbled upon what may be the most Portland question anyone has ever asked.

“I recently moved to Portland and I was hoping to find a statue of a Bigfoot/Sasquatch to take a photo with,” wrote u/SmoothCantaloupe7173. “Any Sasquatch photo ops in the area?”

Well, SmoothCantaloupe7173 — PDXtoday has accepted your challenge by rounding up 10 local locations where you can snap selfies with a Sasquatch replica. Because no city embraces the hairy cryptid more than Portland — just ask The Unipiper or the Trail Blazers.

The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum sasquatch bigfoot portland pdx

The Bigfoot at The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum is decidedly more open to hugs than in real life.

Photo by Cambrie Juarez, PDXtoday

The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum, 2234 NW Thurman St.

What would an oddities museum be without a massive Bigfoot replica? This one sports soft fur and posable arms so you can get up close and personal.

Portland International Airport, 7000 NE Airport Way

A wooden statue of Bigfoot reading a book greets visitors and residents returning home near baggage claim. First impressions are everything.

Washougal Waterfront Park natural play area pdx

“Littlefeet” will have a ton of fun at Washougal Waterfront Park’s nature play area.

Photo by @fvrlibraries

Washougal Waterfront Park, 56 S. First St., Washougal, WA

Wander over to the natural play area to find a carved 9-ft-tall ‘squatch kneeling in the bark chips, holding a climbing rope connected to a boulder.

Fat City Cafe, 7820 SW Capitol Hwy.

Fill up on diner-style breakfast fare under the watchful gaze of a floor-to-ceiling, wood-carved Sasquatch.

Foot Traffic Sellwood, 1260 SE Lambert St., Ste. 101

“Miles the Bigfoot” is a 10-ft-tall, 2,500-pound chainsaw-carved statue forever stuck mid-stride just outside the doors of this store in the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood.

bonneville fish hatchery sasquatch bigfoot gif portland pdx

Which pose would you strike with Bigfoot at Bonneville Fish Hatchery?

Photos by Oscar Lopez, @domheap, @jt_depaz_energie

Bonneville Fish Hatchery, 70543 NE Herman Lp., Cascade Locks

This wooden statue perfectly captures Bigfoot’s super wary personality. See a living and breathing celebrity creature while you’re there.

Lost Lake Resort, 5330 Imai Rd., Hood River

Explore the Bigfoot backcountry (AKA Mt. Hood National Forest) and pay a visit to the expressive wooden statue of Sasquatch near the boat rental area.

A wooden statue of Bigfoot stands outside of a small building with brown siding and a second-story overhanging patio on a sunny day.

The North American Bigfoot Center opened in the summer of 2019.

North American Bigfoot Center, 31297 SE, US-26, Boring

Any true believer needs to visit this museum owned by “Finding Bigfoot” host Cliff Barackman. You’ll find dozens of exhibits, including artifacts, documentaries, and a “life-sized” replica named Murphy.

Camp 18 Restaurant, 42362 US-26, Seaside

Stop at this logging camp-themed restaurant on your way to the Oregon Coast to see a large wooden Sasquatch statue looking over its shoulder. Try the Big Foot Brownie Sundae on the dessert menu.

Sasquatch Bigfoot mount st helens pdx portland

City Editor Cambrie found Sasquatch at North Fork Survivors.

Photo by Cambrie Juarez, PDXtoday

North Fork Survivors, 9745 Spirit Lake Hwy., Toutle, WA

You can’t miss this one. At 28 ft tall, this concrete statue of a grinning sasquatch towers over a roadside gift shop on your way to Mount St. Helens. Take a second look at the nearby A-frame building — it was nearly buried by the 1980 eruption.

Want to look for the real deal? Book a Bigfoot Adventure Cruise with Portland Spirit, offered July-September.

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