TriMet’s new Frequent Express bus service

FX2-Division is TriMet’s new high-capacity bus service along Division Street in Southeast Portland

An extra-long, bright green bus with an articulated mid-section waits at a bus stop on Division Street in Southeast Portland.

TriMet’s new “bendy” buses are bright green and easy to spot along Division Street. | Photo via TriMet

Photo via TriMet

Have you seen the bright green “bendy” buses traveling along Division Street between Portland + Gresham? They’re part of TriMet’s new Frequent Express (FX) service, which officially launches on Sun., Sept. 18. Drivers have been training with the vehicles to be sure the service is a smooth, well-oiled machine by the time it opens to the public.

The FX service will replace the standard bus service for Division Street’s Line 2, with buses arriving every 12 minutes for most of every day. The route — renamed “FX2-Division” — opens the same day TriMet will cancel or reduce 10 different bus lines as it grapples with a driver shortage.

“FX will speed up transit service, creating a more convenient transportation option to reach jobs, education, community services and recreational opportunities,” said TriMet General Manager Sam Desue Jr.

🚌 Bendy buses
Thirty-one articulated buses (we also dig the term “wiggle wagons”) — are joining TriMet’s fleet, though this isn’t the first time such vehicles have been used in Portland. Here’s what to know about the new 60-ft-long FX buses built by Nova Bus:

  • 115 person capacity
  • Three doors with Hop readers
  • Priority seating for seniors + people with disabilities
  • Two internal bike racks, accessible via the rear door
  • Fueled by renewable “green” diesel made from natural fats, vegetable oils + greases

You can take a 360° virtual tour of an FX bus, or ride one for free during a community-wide celebration hosted by TriMet on Sat., Sept. 17.

A TriMet Frequent Express bus stop in Southeast Portland, with bright green and blue coloring, customized glass panels, and a transit tracker display.

The new FX stations feature large boarding platforms, weather protection + nighttime lighting.

Photo via TriMet

🚦 Signals + stations
Transit Signal Priority technology gives the new buses the green light first at 58 intersections on Division Street, so travelers can get where they need to go quickly — even during rush hour.

The FX bus shelters were designed with each unique neighborhood in mind. They feature glass panels made by Moon Shadow Glass in Sandy, TransitTracker displays, seating + trash cans. See all the new stops on the FX2-Division route, as well as the old stops that are being phased out.

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