Where to play arcade games in Portland

It’s hard to define, but when you find the flashing lights and electric hum, you’ll know.


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Whether you’re a pinball wizard or a side-scrolling savante, spending the day at the arcade is a handy power up for taking on the ultimate final boss — boredom.

Hope you brought your quarters, Portland.

Level 1 ⭐

These go-to gaming centers are overflowing with precious nostalgia, a diverse set of offerings (think: everything from Ms. Pacman to Skee-Ball), and sustenance to get you to that high score.

Ground Kontrol | With more than 70 titles, competitive pinball tournaments, snacks, and themed cocktails like “Falcon Punch” and “Princess Peach,” it’s easy to spend several hours in 8-bit bliss.

QuarterWorld | This establishment has a warehouse full of games that it rotates often, keeping options fresh. It also has two full bars, plus smash burgers and other “bytes.” Pro tip: All-ages hours are Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 7 p.m.

Electric Castle’s Wunderland | Pick your path: do you focus on winning tickets to redeem for prizes, strap into the VR world, or leave your friends in the dust on a racing game? No matter which of the four Portland area locations you visit, you’ll have a blast.

Level 2 🍄

Arcade games might not be the main reason you came to these places, but they are sure to maximize the fun multiplier.

Level Beer | Pinball machines and video game-inspired craft beers go together like two Tetris blocks. Check them out at the Multnomah Village or Buckman Kerns taprooms, or the flagship brewery and beer garden in Northeast Portland.

Grand Central Bowl & Arcade | Take a break from knocking down pins and check out the wide variety of games upstairs, all playable with a reloadable card.

Spirit of 77 | What better way to pass halftime of a Blazers game than by shooting a few hoops yourself on the basketball arcade stalls?

Level 3 👾

We pride ourselves on being completionistsyou know, finding all the collectables, unlocking every achievement — but we know there’s more to add to this list. Let us know the spots we left out that bring you the most joy via joystick.

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