6 resources for small businesses in Portland

Knowing where to look for help is often half the battle.

Two owners of Favela Brazilian Cafe pose behind the counter of a colorful shop with lots of products and a menu on the wall behind them

Favela Brazilian Cafe opened on Southeast Foster Road in 2019.

Setting out to start your own small business might be the biggest decision of your lifebut you can be sure it won’t be the last. Whether you’re navigating the early stages of getting your idea off the ground or are years into the journey, there are plenty of resources in Portland that can steer you to success.

PCC Small Business Development Center
Register for a no-cost orientation to learn more about the community college’s educational programming, and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on classes, grants, and free networking opportunities. Advisers and local experts also curate a complimentary blog on topics ranging from marketing to client success stories.

Portland Small Business Hub
On this site, you’ll find a directory of culturally specific business advisers and guidance on how to access loans and other financial support.

Oregon Entrepreneurs Network
The membership group promotes startups and scalability by facilitating events and investment, with a special emphasis on the bioscience and food/beverage industries. It also partners with Portland-based agency Pregame to give high-level workshops and coaching.

An artsy store with various items displayed

Tender Loving Empire carries music and items from many local businesses.

Small Business Empowerment Program
From start to finish, this program provides guidance on signing lease agreements, permitting and building hurdles, and much more for BIPOC owners and people with disabilities.

Prosper Portland
The city’s economic and urban development agency focuses on job growth and retention. Its Inclusive Business Resource Network offers one-on-one advising and training, plus member services like accounting and bookkeeping.

Lewis & Clark Law School’s Small Business Legal Clinic
Low-income small and emerging business owners work with law students to receive transactional legal services (expedited trademark and patenting, for example) through this program, which focuses on lowering barriers for historically disenfranchised individuals.

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