Adoptable pets around Portland, Oregon

Bear + Blaze | Family Dogs New Life Shelter

Bringing home a furry friend is always an exciting adventure full of love, snuggles, and a chewed up shoe or two. 

We’ve done some digging to highlight local animal shelters looking for some purrfect parents to bring a fur baby to their furever home.

The Pixie Project

📍510 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
🐾Cats, kittens, dogs + puppies
🐱Nermal | Tri-color domestic shorthair | 5-year old female
🐶Sawyer | Black and white border collie + pit bull mix | 8-month-old female
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M&M | The Pixie Project

Oregon Humane Society

📍1067 NE Columbia Blvd
🐾Cats, kittens, dogs, puppies + small animals
🐰Luna | Black and white rabbit | 1-year-old female
🐶 Danny | Tri-color Australian cattle dog | 8-month-old male
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Animal Aid Inc

📍5335 SW 42nd Ave.
🐾Cats, kittens, dogs, puppies + small animals
🐱Gracie | Tri-color domestic shorthair | 2-year-old female
🐶Yoshi | Tan mixed breed | 6-year-old male
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Family Dogs New Life Shelter

📍9101 SE Stanley Ave.
🐾Dogs + puppies
🐶Ace | Black whippet + labrador retriever mix | 9-month-old female
🐶Georgia Isa Peach | Tan rhodesian ridgeback mix | 5-year-old female
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Cat Adoption Team 

📍14175 SW Galbreath Dr., Sherwood
🐾Cats + kittens
🐱Murdock | Tan and white siamese + domestic shorthair mix | 3-year-old male
🐱Shadow | Black domestic shorthair | 1-month-old female
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Missy | Oregon Dog Rescue

Lancaster Four Dog and Cat Rescue

📍10 NE 141st Ave.
🐾Cats, kittens, dogs + puppies
🐶CJ |Tri-color jack russell terrier + chihuahua mix |
🐶Rusty | Tan terrier mix | 11-year-old male
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Oregon Dog Rescue

📍6700 SW Nyberg St., Tualatin
🐾Dogs + puppies
🐶Jimmy | Black and white husky mix | 5-month-old male
🐶Missy | Brown mixed breed | 4-month-old female
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See a pawsome pet you want to welcome home? Reach out to the organizations directly to inquire about adoption requirements and procedures. Not ready to take the leap? Ask about joining their foster network or donate to your favorite organization.