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Answered: Your responses about Portland’s priorities for the Carbon Reduction Program

You brought the energy for this poll.

A massive cargo ship floats just off the ship yard at the Port of Portland.

Meeting Portland’s carbon reduction goals will take a multi-pronged approach.

Photo via the Port of Portland

Recently, we shared info on the Carbon Reduction Program, a distribution of $6.4 billion in formula funding over a five-year period in an effort to reduce transportation emissions across the US.

We also asked how you’d like to see funding from the program spent in Portland’s urbanized area, should we receive program money again.

Here’s a breakdown of what you said (multiple responses were permitted):

  • 75% | Pedestrian-friendly roads and facilities
  • 66% | Public transportation
  • 44% | Traffic management/road diet projects
  • 41% | Bike infrastructure
  • 28% | Fuel alternatives
  • 19% | Port electrification projects

16% of you mentioned other projects that you’d be eager to see, like:

  • Electric grid resiliency and capacity improvements.
  • Help fix sidewalks in residential neighborhoods so that they are safe for persons with disabilities, the elderly, and others. Promote safe walking.
  • Eliminate all gas-powered lawn equipment and replace with electric. All city vehicles converted to electric or hydrogen. All public transit converted to same.

FY2024 funding announcements are expected in January or February.