What Portlanders googled this year

2023’s Google Year in Search is out — check out what Portlanders were searching most this year (it might surprise you).

A search bar that says "What did Portland residents google most this year?" overlayed on a photo of Portland with Mount Hood in the background.

Did you search “Eras Tour dates” this year? So did the rest of the US — but this is what Portlanders were googling on a more local level.

Graphic via Canva

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It may come as no surprise that Travis Kelce was one of the most-searched people on Google this year, but what about the fact that Portland was fourth for searches of HBO Max’s hit post-apocalyptic thriller series, “The Last of Us”?

2023’s Google Year in Search is out, and its local search function provides an interesting peek into our city’s queries. Take a look at what we were searching most this year plus our answers to your searches — we may not be Google, but we know a thing or two about where to find dog-friendly businesses.

Unique local searches

The fact that “PDXtoday” wasn’t a top local search only hurts our feelings a little bit. There’s always next year.