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PBOT needs volunteers to help collect bicycle data

The transportation bureau aims to get a better picture of ridership by observing more than 300 locations across the city.

A group of cyclists waits at a stop sign in a Portland neighborhood.

Portland’s bicycle counting tradition dates back to 1992.

Photo via PBOT

One... two... three hundred busy bicyclists, ah ah ah.

Does your talent for tallying rival that of Sesame Street’s renowned Count von Count? Then the Portland Bureau of Transportation could use your help.

This summer, the department is looking for 100 volunteers to help collect bicycle data at 334 locations across the city. Those figures will help inform a detailed look at how “the volume of people biking, gender make-up, helmet use, and e-bike adoption differs across the city.”

Between June 4 and Sept. 26, volunteers will spend two hours (usually 4-6 p.m., or occasionally 7-9 a.m.) observing each site once, on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Written instructions, a video training, and an in-person training are available when you sign up and claim you location(s).