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Portland wants you to practice ranked-choice voting before the election

Citizens will use this new method to choose a mayor, an auditor, and three city councilors in November.

A bicyclist with a dog in a backpack gives a thumbs up signal while standing next to an official ballot box for Multnomah County.

Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties will work together to coordinate Portland’s ranked-choice voting process.

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In a typical format, you might pick your top choice and be done with it. But with ranked-choice voting — which will be implemented by the city of Portland as it transitions to a new form of government — tasks you with putting your selections in order, one through three.

Confused? Well, the voter education team and the Office of Community & Civic Life hope to eliminate any misunderstandings ahead of this year’s election with a practice run to answer the following question.

“What kind of neighborhood event would you most want to attend?”

Participants in this mock ballot will demonstrate single-winner and multi-winner outcomes, which will be used to elect a mayor and 12 city councilors from four districts, respectively.