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Study up on how to run for Portland City Council

The Auditor’s Office’s candidate guide is a resource for those who want to run for office while the city’s government transitions to a new system.

Portland's Independent District Commission discusses the final map proposal at a meeting.

Official approval for the selected district map will come during a vote on Monday, Aug. 21, at 6 p.m.

Photo via city of Portland

On Wednesday, Aug. 16, the Independent District Commission selected the Alder option for Portland’s new voting districts. These quadrants will each elect three City Council candidates for next year’s municipal general election.

With the total number of available seats rising to 12, the Auditor’s Office hopes to raise awareness on how those interested can actually run for office with its candidate guide. Whether you’re familiar with public service or completely new to politics, a lot is changing in Portland’s government. Here are some of the topics the document covers:

  • Qualifications to run for elected office in Portland
  • Important dates, deadlines, and filing requirements
  • Portland’s ranked-choice voting and voting districts
  • Campaign finance rules and regulations
  • Key roles and contacts of state and local elections offices

Leading up to November 2024, the city will host in-person and virtual trainings designed to ensure inclusivity and equitable participation. Sign up for the mailing list to receive notices about workshop dates, times, and locations.