Vanport’s history told by two new audioboxes in Portland

The freestanding exhibits tell stories in the voices of original residents.

Two photos (a close up and environmental shot) show the new Vanport History Audibox in Portland.

Press the button to hear stories about Vanport from those who lived them.

Photos by city of Portland

Portlanders can now listen to the voices and stories of 18 original Vanport residents, thanks to two new exhibits.

The solar-powered audioboxes, located in downtown Portland at the Park Blocks entrance to Lincoln Hall and on the south side of Force Lake, are the work of the Vanport Placemaking Project, a nonprofit dedicated to remembering the disastrous flood in 1948 that changed the landscape of our city forever.

Each kiosk is wheelchair accessible, has Braille labels for people who are blind or have low vision, and features adjustable volume control. There are eight clips, pulled from new and historical interviews, covering topics like racial discrimination, work in the WWII shipyards, and everyday life. You can also hear the audio online.