Winter storm coming? Setting out your trash bin isn’t a waste of time

The city of Portland encourages residents to keep calm and carry on.

snow portland garbage bin.png

What did the trash can say to break the ice? “This stinks, but at least we’re litter-ally in this together.”

Photo courtesy of the city of Portland

With severe winter weather hurtling toward Portland, you might wonder if anyone will come and empty your curbside garbage bin. Should you bother pulling on boots (or hitching up the Croc plows) and dragging the bin (one wheel stubbornly frozen) through whatever the sky decides to coat your driveway with? Will it just sit out in the cold, dejected and alone — full of rubbish no one seems to want — silently screaming into the void?

The Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability wants you to know that no trash bin will be left behind. (Unless of course, you’ve fallen behind on your service payments.)

Portlanders are asked to set out garbage, recycling, and compost bins on their normal collection day and, if bins aren’t emptied, to leave them on the curb until it’s safe for a collection driver to reach the area. Even if your neighborhood looks clear, drivers may have been delayed by dicey conditions in other parts of town. Safety is paramount, after all.