PDXtoday’s 2023 wrapped

From how to cheer on the hometown teams to an immersive art experience, here is the content that our readers flocked to this year.

Little Crater Lake shines ultra blue, reflecting the surrounding forest.

Our Reel about Little Crater Lake racked up 150,000+ views.

Photo by Ben McBee, PDXtoday

Pat yourself on the back, Portland — you were voracious readers this year. After delivering 250+ newsletters, hundreds of social media posts, and countless city guides, we’re proud to present our most-viewed articles and Reels of 2023.

Two people pose in an LED art piece comprised of cables with illuminated balls hanging from a reflective ceiling at Hopscotch Portland.

You can take some pretty epic selfies in Hopscotch.

Photo by Ben McBee, PDXtoday

Top articles

Jump into our preview of Hopscotch
A cosmic trampoline, virtual graffiti, and a glowing ball pit — do we have your attention? We sure did back in May when we previewed the new immersive art experience in the Buckman neighborhood.

Be the best fan with our guide to sports teams in Portland
Whether you’re a day one supporter or new to town, our play-by-play told you everything you needed to know about the Trail Blazers, Thorns, and other local squads.

How to help hummingbirds survive winter weather
We brought you some tips on how to take these tiny fliers under your wing, so to speak.

Two racers in the PDX Adult Soapbox Derby, dressed as raccoons, race down Mount Tabor on their "dumpster fire" cart with a large crowd watching.

Pretty fast for a couple of raccoons driving a dumpster fire.

Photo by Ben McBee, PDXtoday

Top Reels

It’s all downhill...
Every year, we all come out to watch grown people careen down a hill on homemade carts at the PDX Adult Soapbox Derby. You can’t say this tradition isn’t exciting.

True blue hidden gem
Mount Hood National Forest is home to a geologic oddity, Little Crater Lake, so named for its resemblance to the star of Oregon’s only national park.

All aboard for British Columbia
After a three-year hiatus, Amtrak’s Cascades service got back on track, and we were there for the first departure.

Daylight saving time tears
Portlanders’ reactions to a sub-5 p.m. sunset were certainly meme worthy.

Bellpine at the Ritz Carlton
You get dinner and a view from the 20th floor of Portland’s newest skyscraper.

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