Jump into our preview of Hopscotch

The 23,000-sqft immersive art experience will open in Portland’s Central Eastside this June, wowing guests with its “Rainbow Cave,” “Quantum Trampoline,” and murals from Portland Street Art Alliance.

Muralist David Rice works on a floor to ceiling painting for Hopscotch in Portland, Oregon

Things are coming together.

Photo by PDXtoday

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There is an immersive art experience coming to town and we are bouncing with excitement.

Fitting of its name, Hopscotch originally popped up in Austin before skipping to its first fixed location in San Antonio. Now, founders Nicole Jensen, Hunter Inman, and Brian Claypool are expanding with a second permanent gallery in the Goat Blocks of Portland’s Central Eastside.

“We are so excited to open in Portland and hope to bring joy, happiness, and fond memories to the lives of our guests through this incredible art experience,” Claypool said.

Alternating images show renderings of the entryway and lounge area at Hopscotch Portland.

Visitors will enter a new world, passing into the lounge before starting the circuit.

Photos via Hopscotch

PDXtoday was invited to tour the former Orchard Hardware building, where 14 large-scale installations are starting to be installed by local artists and creative talent from around the world. The 23,000-sqft space will also host a retail space and a lounge serving cocktails (that you can take with you) and food crafted by “Top Chef” contestant Sarah Hauman.

Check it out when it opens on Friday, June 9. You can reserve tickets online now.

Until then, here’s what we’re most excited about.

“Walls Within” by Portland Steet Art Alliance

Renowned Portland muralists like David Rice and Jennifer Mercede will fill the room with floor-to-ceiling canvases. You’ll need to get up close (and take a step back) just to take it all in.

A person moves in a dark room illuminated by cosmic lights that react to each movement in Hopscotch Portland's "Quantum Trampoline."

Kids are allowed, but the focus is for adults to have a place to be playful too.

Rendering by Hopscotch

“Quantum Trampoline” by Kuflex Lab

Leap into action on the springy floor of this interactive piece, where you’ll draw pictures with your body’s movements as you drift among cosmic lights and sounds.

“Laser Graffiti” by Todd Moyer Designs

Guests will walk into a room, where a brick overlay is projected on all sides. You’ll be handed a “digital spray paint can” — you can shake it and even hear the spray — as you tag your designs on the wall.

Alternating images show the creation of "Snow Cave" and the final product for Hopscotch Portland. The large-scale art installation uses upcycled plastic bags and LED lights to create an immersive experience.

Each plastic bag in “Rainbow Cave” would’ve been thrown away as a misprint.

Photos by PDXtoday + Hopscotch

“Rainbow Cave” by Basia Goszczynska

This colorful commentary on humanity’s waste and its relationship with the natural world is meticulously constructed by hand using salvaged plastic bags and fishing nets.

“Augmented Normalcy” by Polis

By putting on VR headsets equipped with specially-designed software, wearers will be able to have an out-of-body experience, where they see themselves from a mind-bending perspective.