Home Services

Various recycling programs with local drop-off sites may save you a trip to one of Metro’s hazardous waste facilities.
The annual service provided by the Portland Bureau of Transportation removes fallen leaves for free within certain districts.
Much like literary libraries, residents can become members of Portland’s tool libraries and check out the equipment they need for DIY tasks.
The Metro-run program trains business owners and citizens, turning them into volunteers who can empower their neighbors, families, friends, and coworkers to take action.
Life Time’s first Oregon location features everything from lap pools to conference rooms.
Registering your dog or cat is required for residents and comes with many benefits.
The online tool connects Portland residents with free or low-cost options for everything from home improvement, clothing, art, and more.
The Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation distributes nearly 120,000 donated eyeglasses each year to international “sight missions.”
The Ride Every Wednesday campaign rewards downtown Portland commuters who take public transit, ride a bike, walk, or roll in March and April.
Good news for Portland.
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