How to get a REAL ID in Portland

Have you gotten your REAL ID before the May 7, 2025 deadline? Here’s how to apply in Oregon.

PDX Airport

Portland International Airport

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Were you scrambling to get your REAL ID by the initial May 2023 deadline? Great news — TSA officially extended the enforcement date another two years, to May 7, 2025. But whether it’s in four months or two years, you’re eventually going to need this updated license to board domestic flights and access certain federal facilities.

It’s never too early to plan ahead — so here’s a quick guide on how to get your REAL ID, including the cost and documents you’ll need to prepare.

Am I required to get a REAL ID?
Nope. The purpose of the REAL ID program is to ensure state issued licenses can also be used for federal purposes. You’ll want one if you plan to fly domestically or enter secure federal or military facilities — but you can still vote, drive, apply for benefits, and more with a standard Oregon license.

Psst — you can also board a flight with these other federally accepted forms of ID.

How much do they cost?
REAL ID certification is $30 extra in addition to what you pay for a license. Expect $70 total for a driver’s license renewal or $56 total for a driver’s license replacement.

Is my license already REAL ID certified?
Check the upper right corner of your license — if there’s a star, it’s a REAL ID. If there’s no star or the words “Federal Limits Apply,” it’s not a REAL ID.

How do I apply?
For Oregonians, you’ll have to go in-personmake an appointment or walk in to the DMV. If you already have an Oregon license, start your application online. Just don’t forget to bring physical documentation with you — make sure you’re fully prepped for your appointment with this handy document guide.

Here are five DMVs in the Portland area:

  • Downtown, 1502 SW Sixth Ave.
  • North Portland, 1186 N. Hayden Meadows Dr.
  • Southeast Portland, 8710 SE Powell Blvd.
  • Gresham, 1519 NE 181st Ave.
  • Beaverton, 10280 SW Park Way