Lend your voice to the Portland Engagement Project

Help the city revamp its 50-year-old model of civic engagement by participating in listening sessions and a summit, Thursday, April 27-Saturday, April 29.

A person ride their bike past the front of Portland City Hall.

How can you and neighbors work with government to solve an issue?

Photo via @portlandgov

The city of Portland is ready to pop the question — how can it better engage with you, the citizens, in a more equitable way to solve the issues of today and the future?

The engagment model that is currently used is 50 years old and in dire need of an update, in both technology and approach. By its own admission, the city recognizes its growing pains — Portland’s population has increased by 12% since 2010 and 70% since 1970 — and understands that for many, the trust between community and government is shaky.

Enter the Office of Community & Civic Life’s Portland Engagement Project (PEP), a multiyear effort that will incorporate active listening sessions and a data-informed map to “pinpoint, prioritize and solve the root of civic issues.”

The department will kick off the process during a three-day summit with Oregon’s Kitchen Table and Portland State University’s Center for Public Service, Thursday, April 27-Saturday, April 29, at various locations.