New pop-up at Lloyd Center showcases ‘chimeric’ art, apparel, and events

The temporary creative community space offers free art exhibits, interactive installations, and entertainment in the Northeast Portland shopping mall.

Several people stand in a room looking at art and retail items and talking.

Many of the art pieces on display at the pop-up are for sale.

The Lloyd Center’s time as a traditional mall may be over, but it continues to build a reputation as a hub for creativity and unique small businesses. Enter: “chimæ” — a new community pop-up space open now through Friday, May 19.

Chimæra showcases locally made art and apparel. It also hosts free public workshops and music, drag, and dance performances. Organized by the former director and founder of Marrow PDX, Daelyn Lambi, the space features artists, makers, performers, and community organizers “who are thinking about the chimeric qualities of hybridity and (im)possibility.” A chimera, by definition, can be a mythical monster, a mental illusion, or the fusion of separate genetic material.

Events at chimæra range from fashion shows and open art hangouts to smartphone game arcades and sticker trading. You’ll find the pop-up on the mall’s first level, next to Hot Topic.

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