PDXtoday news quiz: February, 2023

How well did you pay attention to the headlines that appeared in our newsletter?

Snow falls on a single pink rose bloom hanging out to the left over a bush

Hearts were warmed and the snow came down.

Photo by @uportland

Okay, PDXtoday readers, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the previous month.

We bring you roughly seven news notes each day, which amounts to nearly 150 pieces of news every month. Can you remember the stories we shared in February?

If you...

❄️ watched the winter weather with wonder

🎸 set your sights on summer concerts

✨ were dazzled by the Portland Winter Light Festival

... then we’re betting our little test will be easy peasy lemon squeezy. 🍋

Show off your skills by taking our news quizwe’ll give high-scorers a shoutout in an upcoming newsletter.

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