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Portland City Council passes 5 proposals to address humanitarian situations

Portland will ban homeless camping in the city by 2024, with enforcement starting May 2023.

Portland homeless camp.jpg

Resolution 929 would ban encampments in Portland by 2024.

Last week, the Portland City Council approved five new proposals presented by Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Dan Ryan to address humanitarian situations across the city.

Here’s what you can expect to see in Portland over the next few years in relation to the approved proposals:

🗳 Resolutions 927
Portland will work with state and local partners to construct 20,000 new affordable housing units by 2033.

🗳 Resolutions 928
The city will work more closely with labor, minority chambers, and regional community organizations that have established workforce programs to evaluate the needs of local workers, prioritizing access to paid, non-standard work to help those struggling to advance in the labor market.

🗳 Resolution 929
Portland will ban unsanctioned camping in the city within 18 months, with officials enforcing the law in May 2023. Six sanctioned camping sites will be created citywide with health services for up to 250 people, ensuring all camps are accessible to people with disabilities.

🗳 Resolutions 930
The city will focus budget priorities to connect people experiencing homelessness with sanitary, mental health, and substance abuse recovery services.

🗳 Resolutions 931
The city will work to create a diversion program that allows houseless individuals with low-level offenses to have these offenses wiped from their records if they participate in addiction or mental health treatments.