Trick-or-treat: Halloween throwback featuring your city editors

If there’s a silver lining to being too old to trick-or-treat, it’s that we save a lot of money at the dentist’s office.

Separate photos show City Editor Ben as a kid wearing a bee costume and City Editor Cambrie dressed as a pirate.

You’d better bee-lieve Ben and his little brother were bees for Halloween; Cambrie was a (very salty) pirate.

Photos by PDXtoday

City Editor Cambrie here. My biggest gripe about Halloween is that it’s apparently frowned upon to go door-to-door looking for candy handouts as an adult. It’s not that I miss the sugar overload (neither does my dentist) — it’s more the sense of nostalgia thinking back on how fun it was to wander around neighborhoods with friends after the sun had set, see all the creative costumes, and be a bit impish.

So City Editor Ben and I took a little walk down memory lane and found some photos from when it was socially acceptable to march up to a stranger’s door and demand candy (while silently wishing for a full-sized Snickers bar). Ah, the good old days.

What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume? We’re dying to see a photo.

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