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Parks and Recreation

Three options are available at the online survey, open until Aug. 15.
Whether you’re more of a picnic or a rodeo person, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Independence Day in and around the City of Roses.
From snack shopping to location scouting, we’ve got you covered when you need a break from your backyard.
Interactive fountains and splash pads offer swim-free aquatic fun, while outdoor pools can help the whole family burn off extra energy while beating the heat.
Connect with nature in your neck of the woods at two events on Saturday, July 13 and Saturday, Aug. 17.
Public stairways connect neighborhood streets across the City of Roses, offering views and a free alternative to gym exercise.
Don’t stop at simply sniffing the flowers — but please, take your time — as you experience the city’s longest-running celebration.
The Eastbank Crescent mitigation bank project will improve natural habitat and lay the groundwork for a future waterfront park.
With additional funding, the project can move forward with construction slated to start later in 2024.
The mobile soundstage will bring live music performances to the summertime events.
The bike path and multi-use trail are expected to open around April 1.
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The Northeast Portland pub that only shows women’s athletics has a stacked lineup of activities.
The app uses an algorithm to match like-minded locals and arranges meet-ups at restaurants of its choosing.
Jack Kent turned people watching into an art in Portland, capturing eight years (and counting) of the city’s unique scenes and quirky characters through his comics series.
The university is partnering with Walker Macy Collaborative to activate street-level spaces “by bringing the energy from inside PSU buildings to outdoor locations.”
Local blues and jazz musicians will perform beneath the iconic St. Johns Bridge.
We’ve got details and a map full of drink deals: We’ll be highlighting the vibrant beverage scene across Portland, OR from July 22 to July 26, 2024.
Eighteen murals installed under bridges join the Central Eastside Industrial District’s rich tapestry of public art.
Built on the site of the previous library, the new Holgate Library costs approx. $27 million and showcases community-driven features.
The interactive project rescues unwanted instruments, turning them into one-of-a-kind works of art that are then dispersed across the city for anyone to play.
Hike, mountain bike, disc golf, and more at these mountain resorts.