Parks and Recreation

Construction is slated to start mid-2025 with a grand opening planned for spring of 2026.
The move will allocate additional resources to the land that was largely maintained by volunteers.
Although the window to appreciate this nature preserve’s wildflowers is brief, hikers are also rewarded with vistas of a waterfall and the mighty Columbia River Gorge.
Level 2 electric vehicle chargers were recently installed at seven state parks across Oregon as part of a pilot project encouraging eco-friendly tourism.
More than 300 trees across the city are protected by law and serve as living landmarks.
Many people have expressed worries over the duration of time that parks will be darker while they await replacement light fixtures.
The existing 5-acre park will grow to 25 acres and feature several new amenities.
Volunteers interested in mapping American pika populations in the Columbia River Gorge are invited to free training sessions Thursday, May 11-Saturday, May 13.
Good news for Portland.
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